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Our services include Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy,
Speech-Language Pathology, and Prosthetics/Orthotics.

Who We Care For

Our facility requires that patients
are admitted with one of 13 diagnosis.

We're Different.

We provide a Christian faith-based setting, instructional activities,
specialized diet program, and more.

About Us

Pathway Rehabilitation Hospital of Bossier, LLC is a Christ centered program for the community we serve. This program is faith based on Godly principles.


Mission Statement

The Mission Statement of Pathway Rehabilitation Hospital of Bossier, LLC follows the example of our landlord by committing to be the leading inpatient rehabilitation facility by providing the highest quality of care at the right time and in the most appropriate setting. We are responsible to all of those who depend on us – patients, families, caregivers, physicians, employees, communities, and investors – to deliver on these commitments. We empower our patients, family members, caregivers with continuous education so that they can achieve safe and successful transition to home or an appropriately deemed setting by minimizing activity limitations, and maximizing their understanding of their level of assistance needed for safe participation in their home and community.

This business is dedicated to the glory of God.


The Vision for Pathway Rehabilitation Hospital of Bossier, LLC

1. Put God first in all our decisions by loving people and their respect for life.
2. Spreading God’s love through quality medical care, improvement of health by establishing a model of holistic care.
3. Providing care for the whole person. Total care for the physical, emotional, psycho-social and spiritual needs of our patients.
4. Care for the whole journey of life or illness of our person served.
5. Care for the whole family by offering community based patient/family care with love and concern based on a permanent attitude of service.
6. Care from the “whole team” by offering quality services throughout their rehabilitation stay.

What Do We Do

For patients who, due to the complexity of their nursing, medical management, and rehabilitation needs require...

Who We Care For

The patients at Pathway Rehabilitation Hospital must fall into specific admission criteria for inpatient rehabilitation services...

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In addition to quality round the clock nursing services and intensive therapy, all patients will receive...